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News (4/5/2023):

December, 2022

Dear friends and colleagues,

Although the origin of inorganic polyphosphate (polyP) predates life, this linear polymer of phosphate groups is ubiquitously present in modern living organism. In bacteria and many protists, polyP controls many vital functions including virulence by regulating transcription, cation-phosphate storage, and cell wall functionality. In metazoans, polyP plays a central role in bone mineralization, cancer, blood coagulation cascade, and its chaperoning property may be involved in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

This new FEBS polyP workshop builds on the success of the 2021 virtual workshop that created a great interaction in the polyP community that is now eager to meet and discuss the many practical issues, and theoretical directions of the research field.

This second polyP workshop was become necessary for the scientific progress that the community has recently made. The past years has witnessed the publication of many fundamental polyP papers; these discoveries were not discussed at the past event and are altering our understanding of polyP biology.

We are presenting you a completely renovated workshop. Most of the invited speakers have not presented in 2021 and many of them are early career scientists who represent the future of the polyP research field.

Looking forward to seeing you all in May,

The Organisers
Adolfo, Felix, and Roberto







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    January 25, 2023
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    February 21, 2023
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    April 15, 2023
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