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How to reach the event

Jerez’s airport (XRY) is the closest to Cadiz, which is located about 45 km (28 miles) north of the city. 

To get to Cadiz from Jerez's airport, you have the following options:

By taxi, it takes about 35 min (it cost around 60€).

By train, using the commuter train C-1 (55 min, 4,05€, 3 trains per day) or the Seville-Cadiz train (45 min, 5€, 6 trains per day) from Renfe. There are a train station at the airport (called "JEREZ AEROPUERTO"). Check the time tables in each web to get the more convenient one. Last service is around 22:45h.

Although there are several public bus lines connecting the airport with Cadiz (M-050, M-051, M-052 and M-053), they are not that frequent (e.g. just once/twice a day, different times depending on the day of the week, etc.). Therefore, they are not that convenient. It is generally much easier to use the train.

The other nearest international airports to Cadiz are: Seville (131 km), and Malaga (226km). All of them have well known train and bus alternatives to reach the venue.
In addition, there are fast–track railway line that provides a 4,5h direct connection to Madrid (Renfe Web).

Visa information

If you need an invitation letter to attend the event, you will be able to download an automatically generated letter in pdf during your registration.

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